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CBA Futures
2006 Report (.pdf)
2005 Report (.pdf)

CBA Futures
CBA Futures

Consultations: CBA Futures Report

A key stage of the rollout of the CBA Futures Report was consultation with stakeholder groups within the CBA, at both the  Branch and National levels.  This included the formal and informal leadership of the local and provincial Bar, large firm leaders, informal representatives of various members, as well as others whose perspectives could help with the successful implementation of the Report's recommendations.

Similar consultations were held with key national constituent groups and relevant National Standing Committees.

Focus groups with specially targeted membership groups were held concurrently (but separately) from this process.

The purposes of the consultations were to:

  • build awareness and excitement about the Report and the challenges facing lawyers and the profession;
  • obtain input and advice on how CBA can best prepare for a successful future;
  • engage CBA's current and future leaders in shaping the new CBA; and,
  • create positive momentum for the implementation of the report’s recommendations.

CBA Futures Consultation Reports

August 14, 2005
October 2005
October 1, 2005
October 13, 2005
October 28, 2005
October 29, 2005
November 2, 2005
November 5, 2005
November 23, 2005
December 2, 2005
January 17, 2006
January 23, 2006
January 23, 2006
January 23, 2006
January 27, 2006
January 28, 2006
February 2, 2006
February 8, 2006
February 9, 2006
February 22, 2006
March 1, 2006
CBA Annual Meeting – Vancouver (.pdf)
Member Responses to CBA Futures EPIIgram (.pdf)
National Sections Council / Legislation & Law Reform (.pdf)
Alberta Branch Executive
Branch Executive Directors (.pdf)
Membership & Communications Committees (points) (.pdf)
Manitoba Bar Association (.pdf)
Young Lawyers Conference (.pdf)
Newfoundland & Labrador Branch (.pdf)
Ontario Bar Association (.pdf)
Nova Scotia Branch (.pdf)
Yukon Branch (.pdf)
Nunavut Branch (.pdf)
Northwest Territories Branch (.pdf)
Prince Edward Island Branch (.pdf)
British Columbia Branch (.pdf)
Saskatchewan Branch (.pdf)
Alberta Branch (.pdf)
New Brunswick Branch (.pdf)
Québec Branch (.pdf)
Standing Committee on Equity  (.pdf)











Focus Group Report (.ppt)

Other Member Feedback

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