The Canadian Bar Association Legal Futures Initiative

Some people change, others have change thrust upon them

With its Legal Futures Initiative, launched in 2012, the Canadian Bar Association hopes to put this country's legal practitioners firmly in the former camp.

The first comprehensive study of its kind in Canada has no less of an end game than laying the foundation for a new way to practice law.

That may sound ambitious, but a multitude of articles, blog posts, tweets and papers from around the world have warned that change is coming. It's inevitable.

The legal profession must either get out in front of it and set the direction, or succumb to the inertia.

Phase I of the Futures project involved commissioning original research to establish where the profession currently stands, and identify the primary drivers of change — the economy, globalization, and technology, for starters.

Over the next several weeks we will be sharing the details of that research with you culminating in the June 10 release of the one paper that draws all the findings together. With its release we launch Phase II, where we want to hear from our 37,000+ members, as well as other members of the profession, about what you see coming, what changes you've made, where you want to be in the next decade and beyond, and how the CBA may be able to help.

In the meantime, we invite you to keep an eye — and your Twitter fingers — on the discussion at #CBAfutures, and come back here for updates while our website is under construction.