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Client Services
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Keeping clients and serving them professionally is a full-time activity. Get some client smarts from experts and those who have been seasoned on the front lines.

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Pleased to Meet You: The New "Know Your Client" Regime
kycFeeling that you haven’t been as familiar with your clients as you could be? Not to worry – you’re about to get to know them a whole lot better. Client identification and verification requirements are now in force in nearly every jurisdiction in Canada. Here's what you need to know... More...

Law Firms Build Business through Client Teams and Interviews
Keeping clients and expanding your business with them largely depends understanding their needs. To glean this depth of knowledge requires asking the right questions to the right people, and responding in kind with organized and motivated troops. Simply put, we’re talking about client interviews and client teams. More...

Clients 2.0: Collaboration Creates Enduring Relationships
HanshakeThe participatory concept behind “Web 2.0” can be applied to virtually anything in the lawyer’s practice, including the most basic element of all—the relationship with the client. Collaboration is synonymous with the 2.0 client relationship, and it’s the best way for any lawyer or law firm to thrive. More...

Top Five High-Profile Trial Blunders and How to Avoid Them in Your Own Practice
Litigation is challenging. High-profile litigation is doubly challenging. In this article, trial and technology consultant Ted Brooks draws on his experience in several high-profile trials to share the top five problems that can arise and steps you can take to prevent them from negatively impacting your own cases. More...

Developing a Conflict Checking System for Your Law Firm
Conflicts of interest have become a growing headache for Canadian lawyers. The key to minimizing conflicts is to develop and implement a modernized conflicts checking system, characterized by a comprehensive database. Read on to learn the key elements of rolling out an effective conflict checking system. More...

Law Firm Satellite Offices: Technology Helps Open Roads Less Traveled
For most of history, a “satellite” was a passive thing, destined to spend its existence in the orbit of a more important, primary object. For years, many law firm satellite offices operated in much the same way. Today, satellite offices are essential strategic tools for many Canadian law firms. More...

Ten Ways Law Firms Lose a Lot of Money
There are several hidden costs that claw back on law firm profits that many lawyers are unaware of. Here are ten common ways law firms lose a lot of money, and solutions you can adopt to avoid them. More...

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The ABCs of Creating a Pro Bono Policy for Your Law Firm

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