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May 15

Man on the Line: The Latest Law on Cell Phones Searches
Greg DelBigio, Q.C., Defence Counsel at Thorsteinssons LLP
Trevor Shaw, Provincial Crown Counsel with Criminal Appeals & Special Prosecutions

April 17

While the Crown Are Away, the Defence Bar Can Play! Tips, Practice Issues and a Little Bit of Ethics for the Criminal Defence Lawyer
Brian Coleman, QC
Michael Klein
Mark Gervin

March 20

How to Keep the Ear of the Court: An Advocacy Primer
The Honourable Madam Justice Ryan, B.C. Court of Appeal
The Honourable Associate Chief Justice Cullen, B.C. Supreme Court
The Honourable Judge Bagnall, B.C. Provincial Court

January 16

Don't Take This Personally: Ineffective Counsel as a Ground of Appeal - How to Proceed if You Are the Accuser or the One Being Accused
Richard S. Fowler, Defence Counsel, Smith and Fowler
John M. Gordon, QC, Provincial Crown, Criminal Appeals and Special Prosecutions


November 20

Well, I Guess Disneyland’s Out! The Immigration Consequences of Criminal Convictions
Julia Herzog, Herzog Immigration & Citizenship Law Studio
Dennis McCrea, McCrea Law & Associates
Phil Rankin, Rankin & Bond

October 17

Ethical Considerations for both Crown and Defence: Civility, Court Etiquette and Plea Discussions
The Honourable Judge David St. Pierre, Provincial Court of British Columbia
Russ Chamberlain QC, Defence Counsel
Elliot Poll, Crown Counsel

September 19

Taking a Run at It? Procedure and Practical How-To’s of Search Warrant Voir Dire
Chris Greenwood, Public Prosecution Service of Canada Elizabeth Lewis, Defence Counsel Chris Johnson, Defence Counsel

March 21

“Show Me the Money” – The Ins and Outs of Proceeds of Crime and Seizure of Property
David Butcher, Wilson Buck Butcher
Lisa Pindera, Public Prosecution Service of Canada
Elizabeth (Lisa) McDonald, Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP

February 15

Advocacy – the Nuts and Bolts of Preparing a Case from Bail through to Trial
Richard Fowler, Gibbons Fowler
Michaela Donnelly, Crown Counsel-North Vancouver


October 19

Production of Third Party Records: O’Connor and s.278: Balancing Disclosure of the Smoking Gun Document and Protection for the Witnesses Privacy
Ms. Sandra Cunningham, QC, Criminal Justice Branch, Attorney-General, Province of British Columbia
Ms. Janet Winteringham, QC, Winteringham MacKay George Law Corporation

September 21

Sentencing: The Big and the Small – Tips for Crown and Defence
The Honourable Judge Jocelyn Palmer, Provincial Court of British Columbia - Vancouver
Jane Nascou, Crown Counsel-Vancouver
Deanne Gaffar, Gaffar Cooper Vachon 

May 18

Provincial Court Practice: Etiquette, Ethics and Preliminary Inquiries
The Honourable Judge Joanne Challenger, Provincial Court of British Columbia
Michael Tammen & Patti Tomassen

April 20

New Models for Appellate Procedure
The Honourable Madam Justice Jo-Ann Prowse, Court of Appeal of British Columbia
The Honourable Mr Justice David Frankel, Court of Appeal of British Columbia
The Honourable Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett, Court of Appeal of British Columbia
Gregory Fitch, QC & Gil McKinnon, QC

March 16

"I Walk the Line" - Ethics and Criminal Law: A Roundtable Discussion
Melissa Gillespie, QC, David Crossin, QC & David Layton

February 16

Effective and Ethical Cross-Examination: Strategy and Tips for the Criminal Lawyer
The Honourable Mr Justice Austin Cullen, Supreme Court of British Columbia
Sandy Cunningham, QC & Richard Peck, QC

January 19

Impaired Driving
The Honourable Judge David St Pierre, Provincial Court of British Columbia
VPD Constable Doyon, Crichton Pike, Vincent Michaels & VPD Officers


November 17

Admissibility of Statements and Confessions and Access to Counsel in Major Cases
Peter Tewfik, Susan Brown, Gil McKinnon, QC & Matthew Nathanson

October 20

Vehicle Searches – A Primer on Recent Developments for Defence Counsel and Crown Counsel (What Every Criminal Lawyer Must Know)
Shelly Sugarman & Mike Brundrett

September 15

Introduction to Computer Forensics: A Primer for Crown and Defence
Samiran Lakshman, Michael Mulligan, Paul Pearson & Daniel Scanlan

January 20

Disclosure of Police Disciplinary Information in the Post McNeil World: Have You Received Your McNeil Package Yet?
David Martin, Shannon Halyk, Jennifer Machek, VPD Deputy Chief Constable Doug LePard & RCMP Inspector Rick Lavin


November 18

Advocacy in All Levels of Court
The Honourable Mr Justice David Frankel, Court of Appeal of British Columbia
The Honourable Mr Justice William Smart, Supreme Court of British Columbia
The Honourable Judge Harbans Dhillon, Provincial Court of British Columbia

October 14

Impaired Driving: Recent Changes in Legislation and the Impact of the SCC GRANT Case on the Admissibility of Breath Samples
Don Muldoon, Crichton Pike, Terry La Liberte, QC
The Honourable Judge Carol Baird Ellan, Provincial Court of BC
The Honourable Madam Justice Heather Holmes, Supreme Court of BC
The Honourable Mr Justice William Smart, Supreme Court of BC

September 23

R v Grant (SCC): Identifying Key Issues Arising from the New Test for s24(2)
Janna Hyman, Greg Delbigio & Nikos Harris

March 18

Representing the Unpopular/Notorious Client
Main Street Update: 2010 Olympic Court Shutdown
Glen Orris, QC & Chris Johnson

January 21

Tips on Crafting the Perfect Jury Address
Peter J Wilson, QC


October 15

Cross-examination: A Round Table Discussion
The Honourable Mr Justice Bill Smart, Supreme Court of British Columbia
Richard CC Peck, QC & Sandra Cunningham, QC

September 17

Tips for Counsel in Criminal Matters and Abuse of Process Remedies
The Honourable Mr Justice CE Hinkson, The Supreme Court of British Columbia & Niko Harris

January 16

The New Bail Initiative of the Provincial Court
The Honourable Associate Chief Judge Threfall, The Provincial Court of British Columbia & Samantha Hulmet


September 19

Downtown Vancouver Community Court Update
The Honourable Judge Tom Gove, Provincial Court of British Columbia & Allan Shoom

June 30

Significant Appellate Cases

May 16

Extradition – Latest Developments
Jeffrey G Johnston & Greg Delbigio

February 21

Advocacy: A View from the Bench
The Honourable Chief Justice Finch, BC Court of Appeal
The Honourable Mr Justice Smart, BC Supreme Court
The Honourable Judge Palmer, BC Provincial Court

January 17

International Law: A View From the Trenches
The Honourable Kim Carter (Former Chief Military Judge, Canada) & Roxane Vachon


November 15

Evaluating Truthfulness
Dr John Yuille

October 18

The Role of the Media in Criminal Law
Terry Milewski, Kim Bolan & Joe Bellows, QC

September 20

Information Session on the Implementation of the New Community Court
The Honourable Chief Judge Stansfield, BC Provincial Court, Andrew Cochrane, Jim Bahen & Allan Shoom

May 17

Advocacy: Perspectives from the Three Courts
The Honourable Chief Justice Finch, BC Court of Appeal
The Honourable Mr Justice Leask, BC Supreme Court
The Honourable Judge Baird Ellan, BC Provincial Court
Kenneth Yule, QC

April 18

Legal Ethics: Recent Controversies
David Layton

March 1

Preventing Wrongful Convictions
Stephen Bindman, Mary Ainslie, Tamara Levy, Peter Wilson, QC & Richard Fowler

January 18

Crown and Defence Perspective on Recent Amendments to the Criminal Code
Lee Porteous & Gail Barnes


November 16

The Latest Developments in Prosecuting and Defending Organized Crime Trials
Inspector Paul Nadeau, Mark Levitz & Greg Delbigio

October 19

ABCs of Representing the Mentally Ill: From Arrest to the Mental Health Review Board
James Bahen, Patti Stark, Liz Roberts & Jack Bibby

September 21

Khmer Rouge Trials
Gordon Longmuir, Former Canadian Ambassador to Cambodia

May 18

The Issuance of Search Warrants Throughout the Province from the Justice Centre: The Process, the Pitfalls, and the Paper
The Honourable Associate Chief Judge Spence, BC Provincial Court
Judicial Justice of the Peace Patricia Schwartz
Judicial Justice of the Peace Brad Cyr

April 20

The Police Complaint Process and the Roles of the Commissioner and Commission Counsel
Dirk Ryneveld, QC, Bruce Brown, Kevin Woodall & Mike Van Klaveren

February 16

The Chief Justice addressed three grounds of appeal. First, the ineffective assistance of trial counsel; second, misapprehension of evidence; and third, similar fact evidence.
The Honourable Chief Justice Lance Finch, BC Court of Appeal

January 19

The Motor Vehicle Act, Crown Counsel Association & Legal Services Society
Michael Van Klaveren, David Griffiths & James Deitch


December 1

Dealing with the Dangerous Witness: Ethical Challenges Faced by Counsel
Glen Orris, QC, Ralf Keefer & Allan Shoom

October 20

Street Crime Working Group
The Honourable Judge William Kitchen, Lisa Burgess, Peter Leask, QC, Susan Richter, Daniel Mulligan, Al Shoom, Debbie Granger & Heather Hay

September 15

US Immigration Law
Michael Jacobsen, David Andersson & Peter Leask, QC

May 19

Dangerous Offenders
Dean Mary Anne Bobinski, Gil McKinnon QC, John Gordon, Bev MacLean & Sharon Matthews

April 21

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel as a Ground of Appeal
The Honourable Chief Justice Finch, The Honourable Chief Judge Baird Ellan, The Honourable Judge Bill Kitchen & Marion Paruk

February 18

Drug Treatment Court
The Honourable Judge Jane Godfrey, The Honourable Judge Bill Kitchen, Martha Devlin, Garth Smith, Jeremy Guild & David McIntyre

January 21

Everything You Wanted to Know About Sentence Calculation But Were Afraid to Ask
Beth Parkinson, Garth Barriere & Tony Zipp


November 19

Youth Criminal Justice Act in Practice
The Honourable Judge Jane Auxier, Provincial Court of British Columbia, Jennifer Duncan, Sandra Dworkin & Brock Martland

October 15

222 Main Street Requiring the Mandatory Taking of Elections at the Arraignment Hearing, Sentencing, & The Supreme Court of BC & Provincial Court of BC
The Honourble Madam Justice H Holmes, The Honourable Chief Judge C Baird Ellan, The Honourable Judge C Bagnall & The Honourable Judge J Palmer

September 17

Wiretap Law & Recent Defences
Peter Hogg

May 21

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at The Hague
Dirk Ryneveld, QC

April 16

The Air India Courtroom
Julian Borkowski, Susan Coristine, Dianne Wiedemann, Mary Ainslie & Karima Andani

February 19

Commercial Crime Panel
Joe Galati, Monty Carstairs, QC, Bruce Harper & Bud Bishop

January 15

Court Ordered Urinalysis
The Honourable Judge George Angelomatis


November 20

Criminal Organization Legislation, Bill C-36: Anti-Terrorism Amendments, Bill C-24: Criminal Organizations, Criminal Law Amendment Act 2001, & Youth Criminal Justice Act
Robert Prior, Mark Levitz, Tom Burns & Kate Ker

October 16

Coping With the Long Trial
Glenn Orris, QC, Joe Bellows, QC & Martha Devlin

September 18

The New Immigration Act
Naomi Minwalla

July 4

Annual Dinner Meeting
The Right Honourable Antonio Lamer, Chief Justice of Canada, Retired

May 15

An Update on the Law of Search & Seizure
Michael Klein

April 17

Courthouse Closures & Legal Aid
Peter Leask

February 20

The Honourable Chief Justice Finch

January 16

The Inquiry of Thomas Sophonow
Peter Wilson & Michael Hicks


November 21

The Honourable Geoffery Plant, Attorney General of British Columbia

November 20

Arbitration Practice
Edward Chiasson

October 17

Identification, Anti-Terrorist Legislation, Proceeds of Crime Act & Case Summaries
Geordie Proulx, Michael Tammen, Greg Delbigio & Kate Ker

September 19

Running an Effective Trial
The Honourable Judge Conni Bagnall, Elliot Poll, Todd Gerhart & Jim Bahen

May 23

Annual Dinner
The Honourable Allan McEachern, Chief Justice of British Columbia, Retired

April 18

Case Flow Management Rules
The Honourable Chief Judge Baird-Ellan & The Honourable Associate Chief Judge Spence

March 21

Recent Decisions from the Supreme Court of Canada on Cases Arising Out of British Columbia
John Gordon, Gil McKinnon, QC, David Frankel, QC & Adrian Brooks

February 21

Pre-Trial Conferences & Arguing Appeals in the Court of Appeal
The Honourable Judge Ryan & The Honourable Judge Oppal

January 17

A View from the Benchers
Ian Donaldson, QC, David Gibbons, QC & Peter Leask, QC


November 15

Joint Trials
The Honourable Mr Justice Romilly

October 18

Dealing with Drug Addicted Offenders: Is Drug Court the Answer?”
The Honourable Judge Jane Godfrey, The Honourable Judge Judi Gedye, Janet Henchey, Leslie Anne Wall & John Conroy, QC

September 20

Impaired Driving
Don Muldoon, Vince Michaels & Peder Gulbransen

June 23

Annual Dinner
The Honourable Judge Scherling

May 17

The Legality of Section 488.1 of the Criminal Code...
David Butcher, Rick Peck, QC & Jerry Ziskrout


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