Authorized Expenditures and Procedures for Reimbursement

Expense Claim Form

1. General

The Association is dependant upon volunteers and the contribution of time and energy by its members. All reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in conducting authorized and proper work of the Association may be reimbursed in accordance with the following rules.

2. Committee, Section Meetings

Meeting costs are a large part of the Association's overall expenses. Conference calls can replace a meeting with considerable cost saving and no detriment to the work of the Association. Other ways of communication are also available. Members are urged to be conscious of costs in scheduling meetings and in determining the numbers who should attend.

Membership of Standing and Special Committees should not exceed six (6) unless the President in his or her discretion determines that extraordinary circumstances dictate otherwise, or the nature of the Committee's work requires individual branch representation. (03-11-M)

All meetings must have a budget, approved by Council, and be prearranged through the National Office, a minimum of sixty (60) days in advance, provided however that in special circumstances the Finance Committee Budget Sub-Committee may grant exceptions to this requirement. (93-11-M)

3. Reimbursement Request Procedure

Each request for reimbursement shall be submitted in writing and shall be signed and dated by the person submitting it, and shall be accompanied by supporting vouchers for any expenditures exceeding $15. Reimbursement forms are available from the National Office. The completed forms together with supporting documents are to be sent to the National Office

Accounts for out of pocket expense are to be submitted within 15 days of the incurrence of the expense or the receipt of the account therefore. Members’ office expenses are to be submitted no later than 15 days following the fiscal year end, the year end being August 31.

Accounts not submitted within these periods will be submitted to the Finance Committee Budget SubCommittee for consideration. Accounts not submitted by the year end deadline may result in a budget decrease in the subsequent fiscal year. Any accounts submitted more than three months following the close of a fiscal year shall not be reimbursed. (Board of Directors, February 2002)

(1) Transportation Accommodation

In an attempt to minimize travel and hotel costs, the Association has engaged the services of a travel consultant to work in the National Office.

All transportation and accommodation arrangements, the costs of which are the responsibility of the Association, are to be booked with the consultant.

Activities are to be planned sufficiently far in advance so as to take advantage of the very substantial charter type fares that are available. If travel plans are unavoidably changed and an explanation is provided, the Association will assume the cost for the regular economy fare.

Members will stay in comfortable, reasonably priced hotels, but not necessarily the most luxurious

Contact the national office for all arrangements regarding travel (air, rail, and car rental) and accommodation.

In addition, you are encouraged to combine where possible, Association and non-Association business so that expenses incurred on the Association's behalf will be minimal or non-existent.

The Association's policy is that members working for Committees, Sections, etc. will not be reimbursed for first class air travel.

When a private automobile is used, reimbursement is made at the rate of fifty-two cents (.52) per kilometre but in an amount not to exceed the equivalent charter class air fare.

(2) Meals, etc.

Members will be reimbursed for reasonable food and beverage charges while working for the Association. It is impossible to lay down rules in this area but discretion is urged.

Under no circumstances will the Association reimburse that portion of a meal expense in excess of forty-five dollars ($45 per person).

(3) Office Expenses

Expenses charged through a firm i.e., photocopying, telephone, courier etc. must be substantiated by detail (voucher or computer printout), photocopying (number of impressions x $0.10), telephone (detailed listing), courier (attached bills of lading) etc. No reimbursement will be made for secretarial expense.

(4) Spouse, Guest, Family Expenses

With the exception of the National President, spouse or guest expenses will not be the responsibility of the Association except in the situation where the Executive Officers request the member be accompanied by a spouse or guest and explicitly advise that it is at the expense of the Association.

(5) Dependant Care Expenses

The Association will reimburse reasonable dependant care expenses, up to $80 per day, for dependant care expenses incurred by members during the hours of scheduled National meetings of Committees, Sections and Special Projects, held in the evening or on weekends.

Claims for dependant care expenses may be made only in those circumstances that other claims for expenses may properly be submitted to the CBA, and all general policies applicable to claims for CBA work apply to this policy.

Dependant care expenses may be claimed only for dependant children and dependant adults. Except with prior leave of the Treasurer, the care must be provided by a non-family member. Receipts for actual expenditures for dependant care must be attached to the claim, and each receipt must specify the date and hours worked on each day, the name and address of the caregiver and the names of the dependants cared for during the claim. (Finance Committee, Feb 2009)