Board Report | November

  • November 29, 2018

Our Board met for the second time on November 29 via videoconference using Zoom, the same technology we will be using once again on February 11 for our annual general meeting. Watch for the details in January.

Because what gets measured has a higher probability of getting done, we finalized our Board key performance indicators for the year. Included in our list are:

  • Increase overall membership by 3.5% to 38,000.
  • Improve both member satisfaction and value ratings – i.e., do a better job for you.
  • Double members’ completed self-identifications.
  • Increase member engagement with our advocacy initiatives.
  • Diversify revenue from sources other than member fees.
  • Advance our Truth and Reconciliation commitments.
  • Develop an enhanced value proposition to implement for our members.
  • Of course, stay within budget.

We received a positive progress report from our Truth and Reconciliation Task Force. They are well underway with their information gathering process and have divided the monumental task assigned them among sub-teams. The Task Force report is expected by the end of January and we look forward to its receipt so we can begin the implementation of our CBA Resolution “Responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action”.

We also received an update on our new CBA Advantage member benefit program. If you haven’t done so already opt-in now to receive regular email communication on deals and savings. We expect this program to expand over the course of the year with additional suppliers and offers added and deeper discounts available thanks to our new partnership with Meridian One.

The key item for our November Board meeting was a dialogue with our Legal Futures Subcommittee. Because the mandate of “preparing the profession for the future” is so broad, we collectively wanted to ensure that our visions are aligned. The plan for this year presented by Chair Martine Boucher on behalf of the Subcommittee, and accepted by the Board, is designed to set the stage. You’ll be hearing from the Legal Futures Subcommittee directly and through your sections to understand trends you have observed. The subcommittee will be building a hub of resources available to CBA members to help you with your personal business and career decisions. Finally, the subcommittee will be reporting regularly on trends, events and achievements through social media channels and on their dedicated website.

Our next Board meeting will be held via videoconference on January 15. Before that, we expect to convene a special Board meeting to receive a report from our membership team. Growing our membership as we reduce our membership fee this year and next is fundamentally important to our ability to maintain member service. Therefore, the Board will be monitoring the implementation of the membership strategy approved this past June and ensuring that our membership teams, both nationally and in our Branches, are sufficiently resourced.

This time, I made you read all the way to the end to let you know that we will be recommending a new auditor be appointed at our annual general meeting for our current fiscal year. Exciting stuff, I know. Good governance practice is to change audit firms every five years and the Board accepted our Audit Committee recommendation, following a competitive process, that we engage KPMG LLP to undertake our audit.

Please contact me anytime at or on Twitter @RayAdlington if you have any questions or concerns.