Part C, Annex 2 – Exceptions to Address Needs of Particular National Sections

Part C, s. 2(2)(c)
Aboriginal Law: exception for Section to have an unlimited number of voting members-at-large.

Part C, s. 2(2)
Immigration Law: exception to add two senior advisors appointed by the Officers as voting members of the Section Executive Committee.  (Board; 8 Mar 2018)

Part C, s. 2(2)
Law Students: exception to have members-at-large on the Executive Committee composed of:

  • up to five non-voting articling representative of the geographic regions of Canada; and
  • one non-voting law school representative, who shall be the President of the students association from each recognized Canadian law school, or the President’s designate.

Part C, s. 3(1)
Competition Law: exception to continue with six Officers. Officers are Chair, First Vice Chair, Second Vice Chair, Executive Member, Secretary Treasurer, and Past Chair.

Part C, s. 6(1)
Taxation Law: exception to have two-year term of office for Officers.

Part C, s. 6(2)
Law Students: two exceptions

  • to permit all officers except Immediate Past Chair to be elected each year, with no succession from year to year.
  • to exempt Immediate Past Chair from being a member of the Section.

Part C, s. 19(2)(a) and (b)
Competition Law: exception to permit Competition Bureau staff to serve on Section Committees, and to permit Committee Chairs and Vice Chairs who are not on the Section Executive Committee

CBA Wellness Forum Section Repealed (Board, 30 Apr 2018)