IX Resolutions

24. Resolutions Process

The Policy Committee manages the resolutions process and facilitates the debate of resolutions at a General Meeting. (Board; 21 Jun 2018)

25. Form of Resolutions

  1. Resolutions proposed for debate by members at a General Meeting or otherwise shall not exceed 300 words and shall take the following form:
    1. the preamble (if any), giving concise, factual information about the nature of the problem or reason for the action being requested; and
    2. a resolving clause, clearly outlining the action to be taken.
  2. Resolutions shall be accompanied by background information to assist deliberations and a proposed implementation plan which shall include:
    1. the estimated cost of implementation;
    2. the name and address of the person(s) in the proposing group who will help the Board to implement the resolution;
    3. an implementation calendar which identifies the steps to be taken to implement the resolution and suggests deadlines to accomplish each step;
    4. an indicator of success, identifying the practical result which, if achieved, will show that the resolution has been successfully implemented;
    5. the group(s) proposing the resolution and the group(s) who will be directly affected by its implementation.
  3. The Policy Committee may revise proposed resolutions to make them clear, concise and factual.
  4. The Policy Committee may revise, limit or distribute background information submitted with a draft resolution, and distribute or refer to other materials that will assist fair and informed deliberations.
  5. Amendments to be proposed to any resolution at a General Meeting shall be given to the Chief Executive Officer not later than 15 days before the commencement of the meeting at which the resolution is to be presented. Amendments not given to the Chief Executive Officer by the deadline may still be considered at a General Meeting if the person chairing the debate of resolutions agrees. (Board; 21 Jun 2018)

26. Authorization

  1. The Policy Committee may, if it is of the opinion that the subject matter of a resolution is inappropriate for consideration at a General Meeting or its form is in need of more revision than the Committee is prepared to provide, refer the resolution back to the proposed mover and seconder with its reasons for that action, or may refer a resolution to one or more National Sections for further study.
  2. The Policy Committee may, if it is of the opinion that consideration of a resolution at the meeting at which it is first put forward would not allow sufficient time to review adequately the issues raised, having regard to the complexity and length of the resolution and any accompanying documentation, recommend to the General Meeting that the resolution be tabled for consideration at the meeting following that for which it was put forward.
  3. The Policy Committee shall report to a General Meeting session on all resolutions it has approved for consideration at that meeting, all resolutions referred back pursuant to paragraph 26(1) with its reasons for the referrals, and all resolutions it recommends tabling pursuant to paragraph 26(2).
  4. A resolution tabled in accordance with paragraph 26(2) is referred to the Policy Committee for further study, unless otherwise ordered at the General Meeting.
  5. The resolutions shall be considered and voted on in any session during the General Meeting.
  6. Finance Committee Review
    1. All resolutions, other than those proposed from the floor at a General Meeting, shall be circulated to the Finance Committee for review.
    2. Following that review, the Finance Committee shall advise the Policy Committee on whether implementation of the proposed resolution can be accommodated in the Association's budget.
    3. The Finance Committee's conclusions on each proposed resolution shall be included with the resolutions if received by the Policy Committee before publication of the resolutions.
    4. A resolution proposed from the floor at a General Meeting shall be reviewed by the Chair of the Finance Committee at the time the resolution is proposed. The Chair shall advise the whether the resolution can be accommodated in the budget. (Board; 21 Jun 2018)