X Resolutions

51. Consideration of Resolutions at General Meetings

All pronouncements by the Association on matters of policy and public interest shall be authorized by a resolution adopted by a majority of the members voting on it at a General Meeting of the Association, except as otherwise provided in the Bylaws or Regulations. 

52. Bylaw Amendments

Any resolution proposing an amendment to these Bylaws or the Regulations shall be dealt with pursuant to article 70. 

53. Notice of Resolutions

Resolutions to be proposed at a General Meeting shall be given to the Chief Executive Officer not later than 60 days before the commencement of the meeting at which the resolutions are to be presented, in the form prescribed by the Regulations and accompanied by the information set out in the Regulations, or established by the Governance and Equality Committee.

54. Late Resolutions

Resolutions not given to the Chief Executive Officer by the deadline set in article 53 may still be considered at a General Meeting:

  1. if the Governance and Equality Committee agrees; or
  2. if the Committee’s refusal to agree is overruled or the requirements for its agreement are waived, by the decision of members at the General Meeting. 

55. Consideration of Resolutions between General Meetings

The Board of Directors may adopt Regulations governing a process for members to consider and vote on resolutions on questions of policy or public interest between General Meetings of the Association.

56. Action on Resolutions

The Board of Directors shall take such immediate action as required on any resolutions adopted in accordance with this Part, and file a written report at each General Meeting on the action taken and the results of that action. The Board may appoint one or more Board Committees, Subcommittees, Sections or Task Forces to assist on the follow-up action.