I Interpretation

1. Definitions

In all Bylaws, Regulations and policies of the Association, unless the context otherwise requires:

“Association” means The Canadian Bar Association;

“Board” and “Board of Directors” mean the Board of Directors of the Association;

“Branch Executive” means the body designated in a Branch Bylaw to exercise executive authority in the Branch, and which may be named Executive Committee, Board of Directors or Branch Council;

“diversity” means the inclusion of members from a variety of backgrounds, with particular attention to representation in the Association of members from equality-seeking groups, including but not limited to women, LGBTI2S (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and two-spirit) communities, Indigenous peoples, racialized and ethno-cultural groups, and persons with disabilities. Diversity is to be interpreted consistent with the evolving nature of equality issues;

“law society” means a body established by law to govern the legal profession in each province and territory in Canada, including the Chambre des notaires in Quebec. (AGM, Feb 2019)