Law Needs Wellness Because...

The Law Needs Wellness Because... Campaign is a national photo campaign inviting lawyers from all over the country to reflect on why wellness is important for our profession. It is an initiative led by the Mental Health & Awareness Committee of the CBA Young Lawyers Section.

The aim of the campaign is to normalize conversations about mental health and inspire lawyers to take good care of themselves. This photo campaign draws inspiration from two successful previous campaigns: a campaign run by law students at McGill Law (“Law needs feminism because…”) as well as a wellness campaign undertaken at the CBA’s Midwinter Meeting in 2018 in New Brunswick. You can take a look at their campaign photos.

The campaign has its official launch during Mental Illness Awareness week from 6-12 October 2019.

Get involved!

There are several ways to get involved:

  1. Post your own photos on your social media pages. 
    1. Use our Facebook frame to take and share your photos for
  2. Make sure to:
    1. Tag the CBA
      • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn: @CanadianBarAssociation
      • Twitter: @CBA_news
    2. Use the hashtag #LawNeedsWellnessBecause
    3. If applicable for you, use the CBA Young Lawyers Section general hashtag #cbayounglawyers and the Section’s Branch specific hashtags too
  3. Follow the hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram #LawNeedsWellnessBecause and retweet, retweet, retweet and share, share, share!

If you have any other suggestions that can assist us in promoting this important initiative or if you would like to discuss the Law Needs Wellness Because… Campaign with us in more detail, please reach out to our Committee directly with your comments or suggestions!