When the Truth and Reconciliation Commission issued its report in 2015, the CBA urged government to adopt all 94 Calls to Action.  The resolution passed at the August 2016 CBA Council meeting set out the CBA’s commitment to advance those CTAs, many of which have an implication for the justice system.

Since then the CBA has been developing materials, policies and hosting events and conversations to meet the Calls to Action. The CBA Truth and Reconciliation Task Force supports the development of work flowing from the CBA resolution responding to the Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action that can be coordinated or executed on a nationwide basis, to help establish and maintain a mutually respectful relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. At the conclusion of the term of the task force, initiatives will be underway or recommended to start in 2018-19 or recommended for budget 2019-20.

The mandate of the Task Force is from August 1, 2018 to January 31, 2019.

Task Force members:

  • review each commitment made in Resolution 16-12-A
  • contribute to the development of the Deliverables
  • liaise with appropriate national staff to contribute to the development of the Deliverables
  • make recommendations for future budgetary requirements
  • work with the Equality Subcommittee
  • report to the Governance and Equality Committee which will, in turn, report to the Board of Directors on the progress of the Task Force.


  1. A training component for use in CBA CPD programs to educate lawyers on the legacy of Indian residential school system and the TRC Calls to Action and a plan for implementing the component.
  2. Draft CBA policies that might support particular TRC Calls to Action.
  3. Materials for a webpage where users can access materials relating to the TRC Calls to Action.
  4. Materials for teaching cultural competency and Indian residential school legacy education to lawyers and others.
  5. Agreement by the Federation of Law Societies to change the Code of Conduct to require lawyers to educate themselves on the Indian residential school legacy.
  6. A program to deliver cultural competency training to CBA staff and a plan for implementing same.
  7. Preparation for a report on the barriers, if any, to Indigenous lawyers participating in the CBA and recommendations to remove any such barriers and engage Indigenous lawyers in the CBA.
  8. A review of the commitments in resolution 16-12-A and recommendations on the present value and necessity of those commitments in light of progress made since 2016.