Out of Africa

Checking my office voice mail in late September, I listened with astonishment to a message from Andrea Redway, the program director with the CBA’s International Development Program for East Africa, inquiring whether I would be interested in participating in a CLE workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. It took me all of 10 seconds to call back and say yes. This began an amazing professional journey toward designing and co-facilitating a workshop hosted by the Law Society of Kenya.

Legal Aid Act 2012 (Draft)

An Act to provide for establishment of the Legal Aid Regulatory Authority, to ensure provision of accessible, affordable, credible and sustainable legal aid services to indigent persons and for other related matters.

Matrimonial property division and children’s rights

In the recent debate concerning the Matrimonial Property Bill, as passed by the Kenyan legislature, we read in the press about the need to recognise women’s rights, to determine what is fair and equitable between men and women, and the intricacies created by polygamy, customary and religious traditions. What we didn’t hear about was the impact of this law on children, or the “best interests” of children.