Call for Nominations – CBA Competition Law Section Committee Chairs & Vice-Chairs

  • June 05, 2018

On behalf of Anita Banicevic, Chair – CBA Competition Law Section 

The CBA Competition Law Section has twelve (12) subject area Committees through which many of our Section’s activities are conducted. Our Committees provide a unique opportunity for members of the Canadian competition law community to get involved in our Section, to enhance their expertise and to collaborate with lawyers and economists sharing similar interests. Through their publications, programs, events and online resources, the Committees offer a range of services including cutting edge analysis of legal and policy issues and other activities that seek to advance competition law learning and expertise.

The vitality of our Committees is a function of their leadership. Each Committee (save for the Canadian Competition Law Review Committee, which has a different structure) is led by a Chair and two Vice-Chairs coming from the Section members, in addition to one or two Vice-Chairs coming from the Competition Bureau. The Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs from the private sector are appointed by the Section Executive while the Vice-Chairs from the Competition Bureau are appointed by the Commissioner.

Committee Chairs and Vice-Chairs from the private sector are appointed for one-year terms, and may be re-appointed. Subject to re-appointment, it is therefore envisioned that a person would serve on a Committee for three years: either three years as Vice-Chair or the first two years as Vice-Chair and year three as Chair.

If you are a Vice-Chair and wish to remain on the Committee Executive, either as Chair or Vice-Chair, you do not need to do anything.  If you are a Vice-Chair and do NOT wish to remain on the Committee Executive, please let your responsible Executive Committee Member (Oliver Borgers or Huy Do) know before July 3, 2018.  

If you are currently Chair of a Committee, you would normally rotate off of that Committee come September – in which case we thank you profoundly for your contributions to the Section, and hope you will stay involved, perhaps on another Committee!

If you are interested in joining the leadership of one of our Committees for 2018-2019, please be informed that we are now accepting applications for Vice-Chair positions on each of our Committees, namely:

Please advise Augusta Acquah by July 3, 2018 if you would like to be considered by the Section Executive for any of these Vice-Chair positions for the upcoming year, which will begin in September 2018.