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Legal Health Checks

Breaking up: parenting

Encourages separating couples to consider the impact of their next steps on their children.

Legal Aid Act 2012 (Draft)

An Act to provide for establishment of the Legal Aid Regulatory Authority, to ensure provision of accessible, affordable, credible and sustainable legal aid services to indigent persons and for other related matters.

Winner of the 2019 English Langlois Prize

Congratulations Beverly! Beverly Cheung of Osgoode Hall Law School is the winner of the 2019 CBA Business Law Student Essay Competition for her paper titled, Marketing an Unmarketable Product: The need for a less stringent cannabis legal framework in order to develop a sustainable licit market (paper only available in English).

Business Law

Winner of the 2019 French Langlois Prize

Congratulations Christine! Christine Chaussé is the winner of the 2019 CBA Business Law Student Essay-Competition (French) for her paper titled, “Rémunération des dirigeants - efficience des mécanismes de contrôle” (Executive Compensation – efficiency of checks and balances) (paper only available in French)

Business Law