BlackBerry Etiquette

  • February 03, 2014

For more articles and tips on getting the most out of your BlackBerry while keeping your sanity, check out the CBA PracticeLink supplement produced in coordination with the January/February 2008 issue of National.

  • During a meeting, turn off message and phone notification — both audible and vibrate — and place the BlackBerry in your pocket or attaché. Out of site, out of mind — for everybody!
  • If you require the phone to remain active during the meeting to field emergency calls, set the device to vibrate and keep it inconspicuously on your person, not on the table. If you’re waiting for an important e-mail/call, let others at the meeting know ahead of time that you’re expecting it.
  • If you will be referencing the BlackBerry occasionally throughout the meeting, for calendar or e-mail records, place it face-down on the table to show others that they have your full attention the rest of the time.
  • Never bring a BlackBerry to a client meeting. Courtesy and respect are critical, and diverting your attention for even a minute leaves a terrible impression.
  • Avoid talking loudly or typing e-mails within unavoidably-close view by strangers. This can make the person sitting next to you on the bus feel uncomfortable for potentially invading your privacy.
  • Avoid looking at your BlackBerry during “alone time” with family and friends.
  • Don’t BlackBerry and drive. People have been killed!