Founded in 1923, The Canadian Bar Review is the bilingual peer-reviewed legal journal of the CBA, where theory and practice meet.

Its mission is to serve the legal profession, the bench, the bar, and the academy by publishing the highest quality legal scholarship that will shape discussion on the most relevant legal issues of our time.

The Canadian Bar Review seeks to:

  • Foster dialogue and collaboration between legal scholars and practitioners.
  • Provide a space for legal thought leaders to address scholars, practitioners and judges about emerging questions of law and policy.
  • Encourage points of engagement for Canada’s great systems of law.
  • Educate the legal profession and the public with the aim of improving the law in principle and in practice.
  • Lead accessibility and innovation in legal academic publishing.

The Review is published by the Canadian Bar Foundation with the editorial and administrative support of the Faculty of Law, University of Windsor. The editorial offices of the Review are located at the Faculty of Law and the Co-Editors are Professor David Tanovich and Dr. Christopher Waters. The Associate Editor is Professor Patrice Deslauriers of the Faculty of Law, Université de Montréal.


Online access to the Review is included with CBA membership or by subscription. The soft-cover printed volume produced after the online publication of three issues is available to CBA members on request. Members who wish to order printed books should contact the CBA at review@cba.org or 1-800-267-8860.

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The Review has a preference for manuscripts that are less than 10,000 words. Longer manuscripts will be published where the length is justified and space is available. Manuscripts must be submitted as Word documents in English or French and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts and correspondence should be e-mailed to Professor Tanovich and Dr. Waters. If necessary, manuscripts can be mailed to Professor Tanovich and Dr. Waters: The Canadian Bar Review, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor, 401 Sunset Avenue, Windsor, Ontario, N9B 3P4. French manuscripts may be e-mailed to Professor Patrice Deslauriers.


Copyright is reserved jointly to the Review and the author of any text published. Requests for permission to reproduce such text, in whole or in part, should be sent to the author and to the Editor. Except where the material is to be reproduced in and used solely for instruction in an educational institution fees of $250 must be paid to the Canadian Bar Foundation. Credit must be given to the author and the Review.

CBR Style

Matters of style and citation are governed by Review house style and the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (8th ed.).

Abstract: Articles, but not Comments, are preceded by a short abstract (less than 100 words) in both English and French drafted by contributors or the editors. The Review will arrange for the translation of abstracts.

Headings: Contributors should avoid excessive use or stacking of headings. Headings should only be used to mark a significant change in content.

Quotations: Contributors should avoid excessive quotation of the work of others. Citing sources, rather than block quoting from them, is sufficient in most instances.

Footnotes: Manuscripts may be submitted with either footnotes or endnotes. Contributors should avoid using footnotes to extend textual discussion.

Editorial Board


The Honourable Mr. Justice Malcolm Rowe


Serge Gaudet, Michelle Hollins, Q.C., David C. Day, Q.C., John Borrows


Co-Editors-in-Chief: Professor David Tanovich and Dr. Christopher Waters

Associate Editor:

Professor Patrice Deslauriers

 Staff Liaison:

: Beverley Spencer

For more information, or to order, contact the CBA at review@cba.org or 1-800-267-8860.