Personal information in the balance under SCISA

  • February 23, 2017

Can you pay too much attention to national security? Even in times such as these, when it seems some voices are always ready to tell us the next terror attack is around the corner, the answer is yes, if the deference paid to national security takes too much away from citizens’ civil liberties.

Duty to consult: Reviewing the environmental assessment process

  • January 31, 2017

The National Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources Law Section, and the National Aboriginal Law Section teamed up to develop a submission and a follow-up letter for the federal government’s expert panel reviewing the environmental assessment process.

Navigating changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act

  • January 31, 2017

The National Maritime Law Section responds to a request for input from the federal government which is looking at changes to the Navigable Waters Protection Act as part of its broader review of environmental and regulatory processes.

It’s time Canada’s courts joined the 21st Century

  • January 31, 2017

Electronic communication has rendered most parts of 21st-century society virtually unrecognizable to even the early 20th-centry eye. But with a few exceptions a transplant from 1917 might be able to manoeuvre quite easily in today’s courtrooms. But that’s about to change.

Legal aid is an integral part of the social safety net

  • January 30, 2017

It’s time for the federal government to take a leadership role in access to justice, the CBA’s Access to Justice Committee says in a submission to the House of Commons Committee on Justice and Human Rights which is studying legal aid.

Dual citizens take note – and your Canadian passport

  • January 30, 2017

Any Canadians with dual citizenship travelling abroad lately might be surprised to find it difficult to re-enter the country, unaware that new rules require them to use their Canadian passport to do so. Our National Immigration Law Section warned the government that it hadn’t publicized the measure enough. It doesn’t like to say “we told you so,” but….

It’s a wrap! The rest of what we did in 2016

  • January 26, 2017

The CBA broke a record in 2016, with 97 submissions by close of business in December. The previous record was 82. Nineteen of those submissions came after the last CBA Influence newsletter of the year went into production. You’ll find short articles about many of those submissions below.

Political activities for charities: Reframe the question

  • January 09, 2017

The personal is political – and so is the charitable it seems. Federal regulations limiting activities of a political nature have left charities tying themselves into knots and spending valuable resources trying to decide whether any given activity or statement is political – or more importantly perhaps, could be perceived to be so.

Is it love or is it expedience? Immigration officials need to know

  • December 22, 2016

The poets have been trying to figure it out for millennia, so it’s not entirely surprising that Immigration officials might have a hard time telling true love from false. After all, if the answer is, as the song suggests, “in his kiss” – I don’t think there’s training for that.