Submissions to Government

Our Submissions to Government are open to the public. They are presented here in a non-accessible PDF format. If you would like to receive an accessible web version, please contact us by email.


Income Tax Act – Private Corporations – Passive Income

  • October 12, 2017

The Joint Canadian Bar Association/Canadian Professional Accountants of Canada Taxation Committee comments on proposed tax changes for passive income earned by Canadian Controlled Private Corporations.

Business Law, CCCA, Taxation Law

Medical Assistance in Dying

  • October 06, 2017

The CBA responds to the Expert Panel on Medical Assistance in Dying, tasked with examining issues about requests by mature minors, advance requests, and requests where mental illness is the sole underlying medical condition.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, CCCA, Constitutional & Human Rights and 7 more..., Criminal Justice, Elder Law, Family Law, Health Law, Privacy and Access, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Wills, Estates and Trusts

Breach of Security Safeguards Regulations under PIPEDA

  • October 02, 2017

The CBA says Breach of Security Safeguards Regulations under PIPEDA should balance individual privacy rights and the legitimate needs of businesses to collect, use and disclose personal information for reasonable purposes.

Business Law, CCCA, Pension and Benefits Law and 1 more..., Privacy and Access

Bill C-45 — Cannabis Act

  • September 27, 2017

The CBA urges that criminal offences for cannabis follow the models for regulated substances like tobacco and alcohol.

Aboriginal Law, Constitutional & Human Rights, Criminal Justice and 2 more..., Health Law, Municipal Law