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Federal Courts Bench and Bar Liaison Committee
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The CBA/Federal Courts Bench and Bar Liaison Committee ("FCBBLC") was established by resolution of National Sections Council in August 1992. The Committee's mandate is to provide a forum for members of the bar, the Federal Courts and Federal Courts Appeal to informally discuss issues of concern relating to the operation of the Court, that fall outside the mandate of the Federal Court Rules Committee.

The Committee meets in Ottawa, normally twice each year. Section members can suggest agenda items by contacting any member of the Committee or Gaylene Schellenberg, Lawyer, Legislation & Law Reform, at the CBA National Office by email at gaylenes@cba.org.

Next Meeting: June 2016

The Committee formally reports to the CBA and National Sections Council in June.

CBA members serve for rotating three-year terms. Candidates must have the following qualifications:

  1. area of practice includes Federal legislation;
  2. actively appear before the Federal Court; and
  3. five of the seven members must be members of a National Section that has significant involvement with Federal Legislation that results in litigation before the Federal Court.

Nominees must be CBA members and nominations must be submitted by CBA National Sections and cannot be made by individuals.

Subcommittee on Global Review of the Federal Courts Rules

A study paper was released on November 12 by the Subcommittee on Global Review of the Federal Courts Rules. The study paper is the result of a comprehensive policy review of the practices and procedures of the Federal Courts. A national subcommittee chaired by Justice David Stratas and comprised of thirteen judges, prothonotaries, lawyers and court personnel conducted the policy review.

Overall, the subcommittee found that, by and large, the practices and procedures of the Federal Courts work well. However, it urged that certain reforms be made to meet contemporary needs and circumstances. The Federal Courts Bench and Bar Committee will be collecting comments from Sections within the CBA that do work before the Federal Court and will prepare a submission in early January 2013. For more information contact Gaylene Schellenberg at gaylenes@cba.org.

The study can be accessed on the web at:

Common List of Authorities

Together with lawyers from Justice Canada, CBA has compiled a common list of authorities for use in Federal Courts immigration and aboriginal law proceedings. These lists streamline books of authorities that lawyers must produce, saving time and saving paper. A Federal Court Notice to Parties and the Profession indicates that only quoted passages from cases in the Common List of Authorities need be reproduced in books of authorities. The Federal Courts has made copies of the common authorities available to judges in every centre where the Court conducts hearings.

Notice to the Parties and the Profession: Common List of Authorities
Common List of Authorities. Volume 1: Immigraton and Refugee Law
Common List of Authorities, Volume 2: Aboriginal Law

E-filing Expansion

A notice was issued today by the Chief Justice of the Federal Courts and the Chief Administrator of the Courts Administration Service to formalize the Federal Court’s e-filing initiative. Pursuant to this notice, a party or the party’s legal representative may now file documents electronically in all Federal Courts proceedings. The notice is available in the What’s New area of the Federal Courts web site.

This development is the result of on-going efforts by the Federal Courts and the Courts Administration Service to modernize practice tools in the Courts.

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