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CBA Young Lawyers International Program 2015-17

If you are aware of young lawyers who may be interested in applying for an international internship, please forward them the following link: http://www.cba.org/CBA/IDP/yiip/.

Prison law reform - National Magazine (July 27, 2015)

CBA E-News – May 2015

Criminal Justice article:

Report from the ICB general assembly in Barcelona

Roxanne Helme, Q.C., the Criminal Justice Section representative elected to the governing council of the International Criminal Bar – and newly elected co-president of the ICB’s governing council – reports on the group’s meeting in Barcelona.

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Mandatory Minimum Coverage:

Michael T. Mulligan: Mandatory minimum sentences are unjust

Victims Bill of Rights Act

Eric Gottardi, Chair of the CBA’s Criminal Justice Section, talks about the CBA's submission on the Victims Bill of Rights Act.

National Sections: Children’s Law Committee

National Sections recently established a Children’s Law Committee to coordinate activities, provide advice, and respond to law, policy, and legal research developments on matters affecting Canadian children. More information is available on the new Children’s Law Committee webpage.

Join the Children’s Law Committee listserv!

Interested CBA members are strongly encouraged to join the Children’s Law Committee listserv. This is an ideal way to stay informed of Committee activities and get directly involved. The listserv also provides a forum to network and exchange ideas with leading practitioners who share your interests.
Membership is free to CBA members.

Join the listserv (CBA membership number required)

CBA action on the Omnibus Crime Bill (C-10)

The CBA via the Criminal Justice Section presented a 100-page CBA submission to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human rights on October 18 and again on November 3.

For ease of references, a 10-point summary of the submission has been developed.

To add your voice to the CBA position, we would encourage you to bring the summary and full submission to the attention of your Member of Parliament or any interested groups.



Join the CBA Criminal Justice Section Listserv

The CBA Criminal Justice Section has a listserv which you are encouraged to join.

A listserv is a discussion group that comes to you through your e-mail! Listservs, or e-mail lists, allow you to interact with many people simultaneously and are a convenient way for members to share information, pass on client referrals, and to ask or answer questions.

Section members can join the listserv online at: http://cbaapp.org/CBA_listservsEnrolment/Enrolment.aspx.

** In order to join a listserv you must be a member of the relevant CBA Section. Please contact your Branch if you wish to join the CBA Criminal Justice Section.**

Participants in CBA listservs are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous, civil and respectful manner, consistent with the CBA Code of Professional Conduct. To ensure this level of professionalism is maintained, the Code of Conduct for CBA Discussion Groups and Listservs was developed.

Invitation to Participate in Law Reform Activities

One of the primary activities of the Canadian Bar Association’s CBA Criminal Justice Section (the Section) is to analyze proposed amendments to federal legislation, mainly the Criminal Code. The Section frequently makes representations to government officials and Parliamentary Committees, for example, with the goal of improving the law and the administration of justice. 

The Section’s work load on this front continues to be significant, and any member with an interest in law reform is encouraged to get involved.

Please note, it is particularly important for law makers that the Section’s comments are based on the perspective of both Crown and defence lawyers.

Please contact:

Gaylene Schellenberg
Lawyer, Legislation and Law Reform
CBA National Office
1 800 267 8860 ext 139

Recent Submissions

More CBA submissions


Professional Development

2015 National Criminal Justice Conference: “Missing: Whatever happened to Sylvia”
April 18, 2015, Vancouver BC

  • Missed a conference? Purchase course materials through the CBA Store.



  • Section Executive Committee meeting, April 9-11, 2016 with PD Program (Vancouver)



Voir Dire (November 2014)

The Section is currently looking for articles for its next newsletter. If you would like to contribute to the next edition, please contact us at CBA Newsletters.

Past issues of Voir Dire can be found on the Newsletter page.



The CBA Criminal Justice Section examines the practice of law related to enforcement and administration of Canadian criminal law. The Section monitors and evaluates:

  • federal and provincial legislation creating offenses and crimes;
  • establishment jurisdiction, procedure and organization of criminal courts in Canada and the practice of lawyers; and,
  • any other matters relating to or impacting on the administration of the criminal justice system.

Links of interest

The Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC). Click here for information about AIDWYC.

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