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CBA PracticeLink - Leadership: Strategy
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Law Firm Leaders: Strategy

Do you know what it takes to be a law firm leader?
Unexpected challenges abound for new firm leaders.

Law firm leadership for a changing world
How innovative lawyers are shaking up the business model to thrive in the information age.

Leading for future growth
Why understanding the needs of young talent must be part of your retention strategy.

Two can play this game: The trend toward hving co-managing partners
Co-managing partners have become more common as law firms struggle to find partners who aspire to be full-time managers. Yet embracing shared leadership brings its own challenges.

Smile, you’re on camera!
Lawyers have a reputation for being great speakers. Now is the time to prove it to the world! Broadcasting online videos on topics of expertise is a form of “content marketing” that is becoming increasingly popular.

The billable hour: Dead, on life support, or in hibernation?
One legal services question raised, but hardly answered, by the Great Recession is whether the billable hour as it has long been known is dead.

Connecting with clients
Online lawyer referral services are a smart alternative to traditional channels.

Brand building 101
Facebook and Twitter aren't just kid stuff, but it pays to know how to use them for the most professional impact. 

The 21st-century law firm
More small firms are starting up today with a whole new set of assumptions about how a law practice should operate.

The rise of client collaboration
Welcome to the world of client collaboration, where buyers of legal services share information with each other and where lawyers are often not needed on the voyage.

Law firm lessons of the great recession
Law firms, like every other sector of the economy, have learned (or more likely re-learned) they cannot ignore the fundamental rules of business.

The rocky road to succession planning
What happens to a small law practice when it’s time to retire? Sole practitioners and small firm lawyers are discovering it isn’t always easy to find someone to carry on the business.

For lawyers as for athletes, there is no ‘i’ in ‘team’

For Lawyers as for Athletes, There Is No ‘I’ in ‘Team’If you want to build firm revenue, don’t let individual players steal the show. Working as a team means greater value for the client and greater long-term success for the firm.

Law firm innovation: Will you lead or follow?
Lead or FollowWhile other firms are bracing themselves to weather the bleak economy, here’s how you can use these tough times to foster change and catapult your firm into the forefront of the marketplace.

Reducing your exposure: Seven steps to a law firm risk management program
Risk management is now, more than ever, critical to effective business management, to surviving difficult times and to flourishing as economic conditions improve..

Lessons in leadership, the law firm way
The fundamental task of law firm leaders is to help everyone in the firm work together. Lawyers and staff who physically share the same office environment should share an outlook that shapes the development of common goals and agreement on how to achieve them. Lack of such an outlook inevitably can be traced to lack of leadership.

Law firm general counsel ease risk management
When Stephen Sibold was named Bennett Jones LLP’s general counsel in July, he became only the third in-house general counsel in a Canadian law firm. That’s not much of a trend, but it’s nonetheless a sign of the growing appeal of GCs at a time when firms are putting more resources into risk management.

Successful planning is no accident for law firms
Many law firms struggle with the problem of getting lawyers to accept a firm-wide business plan.

Navigating your way through the ‘perfect storm’
“Perfect storm” seems an apt term to describe the current business environment of law firms...

Secrets to successful practice groups
As firms implemented national or firm-wide practice groups, they discovered that they can attract national and international clients, achieve much greater profitability, create more consistent client service across their firm, increase lawyer retention, and more.

Not if, but when: Prepare a disaster recovery plan today
There are two types of law firms:  those that have experienced a disaster, and those that will.   “Disaster” can come in many forms, any of which is unexpected and can ultimately mean the demise of the firm.

Greening your law firm: A practical guide to creating an environment-friendly law office
Green law officeMany forward-thinking lawyers want to know how they can reduce their ecological footprint, beyond using a recyle bin. This practical guide will help you on your way to greening your practice, from getting partners and staff onside to easy tips, suggestions and a checklist for implementing environmentally sustainable policies and practices for your law firm.


CBA Task Force on Conflicts of Interest: Final Report, Recommendations and Toolkit
Conflicts of Interest roundtableAt the 2008 CBA Canadian Legal Conference in Québec City, a panel of conflicts experts discussed the Final Report, Recommendations and Toolkit of the CBA Task Force on Conflicts of Interest.
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Keeping them by sending them away: Sabbaticals and lawyer retention
sabbaticalsSabbaticals can involve considerable planning and even a change of your firm’s culture. Listen to determine if a sabbatical solution is right for you and your firm: the arguments for and against; the building blocks of a program; the keys to successful implementation; and a sample policy which can serve as a starting point for your firm.
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