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Canadian Bar Association Task Force on Conflicts of Interest - Toolkit Table of Contents

Conflicts Toolkit
<< About the Toolkit

Conflicts of Interest Toolkit Documents

Download Entire Toolkit

For your convenience, you can download all toolkit documents in a single file:

Individual Documents

General conflicts systems materials

  • Conflicts analysis framework (PDF)
  • Conflicts of interest systems checklist (PDF) (MS Word)

“Phantom” clients

  • Checklist for avoiding phantom clients (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model law firm website terms of use and disclaimer (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model Privacy Policy (PDF) (MS Word)

Tactical conflicts

  • Avoiding tactical conflicts (PDF) (MS Word)
  • First contact conflicts screening form (PDF) (MS Word)

Acting for family and friends

  • Beware the dangers of acting for family and friends (PDF) (MS Word)

Non-engagement and termination of engagement

  • Guidelines for non-engagement letters (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model non-engagement letter (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model termination of mandate letter (PDF) (MS Word)

Engagement/retainer letters

  • Model engagement letter (long) (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model engagement letter (short) (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model “I am not your lawyer” letter (PDF) (MS Word)

Joint/multiple representations

  • Guidelines for multiple representations (PDF) (MS Word)


  • Checklist for client waiver of conflict (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model letter confirming consent of clients to proceed despite possible conflict (PDF) (MS Word)

Independent legal advice

  • Guidelines for giving independent legal advice (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Independent legal advice checklist – generic (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Independent legal advice checklist – family law matter (PDF) (MS Word)

Barriers and confidentiality screens

  • Hints on the construction of screens (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model confidentiality screen memorandum to team members (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Potential conflict arising from former mandate (PDF) (MS Word)

RFPs and “beauty contests”

  • Model litigation “beauty contest” pre-meeting letter (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model pre-RFP meeting and review letter (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model RFP response letter (PDF) (MS Word)

Employment-related resources

  • Checklist for interviewing transferring lawyer (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Model lateral hire memorandum (PDF) (MS Word)

Conflicts involving lawyer’s personal interest

  • Guidelines to identify conflicts involving lawyer’s personal interest (PDF) (MS Word)

Serving as a director of a client corporation

  • Considerations before serving as a director of a client corporation (PDF) (MS Word)

Avoiding and managing conflicts

  • Ongoing assessment of conflicts (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Checklist for managing a subsequent and previously foreseeable conflict (PDF) (MS Word)
  • Action plan for managing a conflicts situation (PDF) (MS Word)


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