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Becoming a CBA Leader
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So you want to become more involved in the CBA...

Here you'll find information on the benefits of becoming a CBA leader, qualifications and time commitments for the CBA's various Committees, obligations of Committee members, and how to get involved

Active involvement in the CBA and its various Committees is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have as a lawyer in Canada.

By putting yourself at the forefront of the CBA's advocacy initiatives and other important work, you'll open the door to invaluable networking opportunities while honing your leadership, teamwork and communications skills.

The advantages of active CBA participation are far reaching. You’ll not only be benefiting yourself, but also your firm and the profession in what amounts to a win-win-win arrangement for everyone involved:

Benefits to You

Besides learning valuable leadership, consensus building and media relations skills, our Committee members have also discovered that clients value the proven track record of leadership that comes with active CBA involvement.

Committee participation also yields unparalleled networking opportunities with the likes of bar leaders, judges and in-house counsel from across Canada and around the world. The rainmaking skills and contacts you’ll acquire as a CBA volunteer can make you even more invaluable to your firm.

Benefits to Your Employer

Your involvement in the CBA can help your firm or organization fulfill its duty to the profession, while enhancing its visibility and influence as it pertains to important emerging issues (i.e. anti-terrorism legislation, conflicts of interest, multi-disciplinary and cross-border practice, etc).

Many of our active volunteers have reported coming back to their careers refreshed by exposure to new people and issues–an invaluable experience. Most importantly however, your firm or organization benefits by you becoming a better all-around lawyer.

Benefits to the Profession

By getting involved in the CBA, you’ll be performing your duty to a profession that needs the kind of high-level input that only professionals like you can provide to help address fast-evolving challenges. As the profession becomes more diverse, it benefits from representation from all quarters. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a CBA leader! Choose a link to the left to find out about qualifications and time commitments for the CBA's various Committees, obligations of Committee members, how to get involved, and who to contact for more information. 

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