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Greening Your Law Firm: A Practical Guide to Creating an Environment-Friendly Law Office
Green law officeMany forward-thinking lawyers want to know how they can reduce their ecological footprint, beyond using a recyle bin. This practical guide will help you on your way to greening your practice, from getting partners and staff onside to easy tips, suggestions and a checklist for implementing environmentally sustainable policies and practices for your law firm.

Green Checklist for Law Offices

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Getting Law Firms To Boot Up to Green
Small changes to your regular computing habits can help you do your part for the environment.

Oregon Lawyers for a Sustainable Future
Find checklists for sustainable law office operations, from lunchroom practices to green events, and more under this group’s Law Office Sustainability Tools.

David Suzuki Foundation
A wealth of good information here from the scientific and educational foundation headed by the noted environmentalist.

Environment Canada
Find a “green office toolkit” and other materials on what steps can be taken at the office to conserve energy, reduce waste and lessen harmful pollutants in the environment.

“Going Green”
The Vancouver Sun newspaper’s ongoing series of articles on “going green.” Numerous informative articles and advice.

Pembina Institute
Several publications from this citizen-led action group dedicated to improving environmental standards. In BC, its Carbon Neutral Workgroup program for small and medium-sized businesses includes workshops in which businesses measure their carbon footprint with easy-to-use software, identify and implement opportunities to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, and learn about offset opportunities for carbon neutral products and services.

Natural Resources Canada
Environmental tips and information from this government website dedicated to the development of Canada’s natural resources.



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