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Canadian Bar Association - Viscount Bennett Fellowship
Viscount Bennett Fellowship
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The Viscount Bennett Fellowship ($50,000 CDN) is made possible by a donation from the Right Honorable Viscount Bennett, a CBA Past President (1929-30) who in 1943 established a trust fund to provide income to be used to encourage a high standard of legal education, training and ethics.




  • Candidates must be Canadian citizens who have graduated from an approved law school in Canada, or, who at the time of application are pursing final year studies as undergraduate students at such approved law school;
  • Candidates must file a completed official application form on or before the deadline;
  • All applicants must be Canadian Bar Association members in good standing;
  • Candidates must have completed and filed an application for graduate studies with the institution of higher learning of their choice before submitting this Fellowship application to the CBA;
  • The Award will be paid as a fellowship for post-graduate studies at a university approved by the Committee;
  • The Viscount Bennett Award is granted on the condition that the total funding accepted by the Viscount Bennett recipient from other fellowships, scholarships or grants during the applicable period does not exceed the total of the Viscount Bennett Fellowship. For greater clarity, the total amount of funding in any academic year shall not exceed $65,000 of which $50,000 is Viscount Bennett. Fellows must inform the CBA of such funding prior to acceptance of the Viscount Bennett;
  • Other conditions apply. Please see application form for full details.

The winner is usually notified in late spring. The award shall be announced on or before June 30.

Nomination Procedure

  • Each applicant must submit a Viscount Bennett Application form with relevant attachments. Please see application form for requirements and full set of conditions;
  • Applications must be accompanied by: a birth or citizenship certificate; a certified copy of all law school transcripts; a one page synopsis highlighting pertinent information from university transcripts; a synopsis of extra-curricular activities during post-secondary studies; a statement of the course of study to be pursued; and three letters of reference;
  • It is recommended that candidates review their application with their Law School Dean;
  • Completed application forms must be submitted to: Viscount Bennett Fellowship, c/o: Senior Director of Communications and Marketing, The Canadian Bar Association, 865 Carling Avenue, Suite 500, Ottawa, ON K1S 5S8.

Deadline for Applications
Application and supporting documentation must be received by November 15.

Selection Process

  • The CBA Awards Committee is responsible for selecting the successful candidate;
  • The Committee shall interview a number of selected finalists before making a decision;
  • No award may be granted in any one year;
  • All candidates shall be notified in writing once the selection process is complete.

A $50,000 fellowship is offered every two years to one student for post-graduate studies in law.

Award Winners

2014-2015 Goyer, François 
2013-2014 Perryman, Benjamin (Dartmouth)
2012-2013 Rouillard-Labbé, Lindy (Montreal, QC)
2011-2012 Foda, Sherif (Gatineau, QC)
2010-2011 Wright, Wade (Sarnia ON)
2009-2010 PELLETIER, Sarah-Ève (St-Ramuald, QC)
2008-2009 CHEDRAWE, Joseph (Halifax, NS)
2007-2008 ROULEAU, Nicolas M. (Toronto, ON)
2006-2007 SHAW, Erin (Ottawa, ON)
2005-2006 BIRON, Catherine (Montreal, QC)
2004-2005 CHEVRIER, Catherine (Montreal, QC)
2003-2004 No scholarship awarded
2002-2003 FOURNIER, Pascale (Sainte-Foy, QC)
2001-2002 SYED, Talha (Camrose, AB)
2000-2001 GODKIN, Julie (Goderich, ON)
1999-2000 ANDERSON, Ellen (Barrie, ON)
1998-99 ATKINS, Shanti (Victoria, BC)
1997-98 GESSER, Abraham (Winnipeg, MB)
1996-97 No Award
1995-96 WALKER, Janet Elizabeth (Richmond Hill, ON)
1994-95 BENEDET, Janine L. (Burnaby, BC)
1993-94 LEWIS, Penney Jaye (Toronto, ON)
1992-93 MacINTYRE, Drew Even (Calgary, AB)
1991-92 LAMETTI, David Thomas (Port Colborne, ON)
1990-91 HOYANO, Laura Christine (Edmonton, AB)
1989-90 KNOP, Karen Christine (Halifax, NS)
1988-89 BUTT, David Bruce (Toronto, ON)
1987-88 DWORSKY, Marc Steven Trapedo (Toronto, ON)
1986-87 WEBBER, Jeremy H.A. (Vancouver, BC)
1985-86 ETHERINGTON, Prof. Brian D. (Binbrook, ON)
1984-85 MYERS, Frederick Lorne (Toronto, ON)
DESPINS, Luc (Hull, QC)
1983-84 HORNER, (Barclay) Clay H. (Shawville, QC)
GIRARD, Philip (London, ON)
1982-83 ROGERSON, Carol (Edmonton, AB)
KREVER, Richard (Willowdale, ON)
1981-82 LEPOFSKY, Michael David (Toronto, ON)
RICHARDS, Robert G. (Assiniboia, SK)
1980-81 COLLINS, Ronald D. (Toronto, ON)
1979-80 SLATTER, Frans F. (Edmonton, AB)
1978-79 GOLD, Marc Emmett (Vancouver, BC)
1977-78 KRAUSS, Prof. Michael, (Montréal, QC)
1976-77 SWINTON, The Hon. Katherine (Ottawa, ON)
1975-76 MALHONEY, Richard (Vancouver, BC)
1974-75 BELOBABA, Edward P. (Toronto, ON)
1973-74 NORTH, Q.C., Gregory Ian (Halifax, NS)
1972-73 OKAZAKI, Abraham Richard (Vancouver, BC)
1971-72 FOREST Réal A. (Québec, QC)
1970-71 WATERMAN, R. Nairn (Toronto, ON)
1969-70 BAIGENT, John M. (Halifax, NS)
1968-69 NEPON, Mathew Bernard
1967-68 LEBEL, L'hon. Hélène (Ottawa, ON)
TRUEMAN, John G. (Vancouver, BC)
1966-67 MYERS, John Grant (Halifax, NS)
NATHAN, Hartley, Ronald (Toronto, ON)
1965-66 CÔTÉ, Jean Éduard (Rimouski, QC)
DICKSON, William F. (Vancouver, BC)
1964-65 CÔTÉ, The Hon. Jean Éduard (Rimouski, QC)
1963-64 DUSSAULT, L'hon. René (Québec, QC)
MacKAY, Harold Hugh (Regina, SK)
1962-63 ABBOTT, Prof. R.D. (Ottawa, ON)
GOLDEN, Alan Z. (Montréal, QC)
1961-62 RISK, Richard C. (Toronto, ON)
CREAGHAN, The Hon. Paul S. (Moncton, NB)
1960-61 STUART, Robert R. (Edmonton, AB)
GROVER, Q.C., Warren Maitland (Toronto, ON)
1959-60 BUREAU, André (Trois-Rivières, QC)
BAUDOUIN, L'hon. Jean-Louis (Montréal, QC)
1958-59 HARRIS, Q.C., Edwin C. (Halifax, NS)
1957-58 MacINTYRE, James M. (Vancouver, BC)
1956-57 CROSBIE, The Hon. John C. (St. John's, NF)
1955-56 LALONDE, C.P., c.r., L'hon. Marc (Montréal, QC)
1954-55 JACQUES, Maurice (Québec, QC)
1953-54 MACHUM, Donald A. (Halifax, NS)
1952-53 YANOFSKY, Q.C., Daniel A. (Winnipeg, MB)
1951-52 DOWNIE, Q.C., Ronald J. (Halifax, NS)
1950-51 CHOQUETTE, Marguerite (Montréal, QC)
1949-50 CARROTHERS, Alfred W.R. (Vancouver, BC)
1948-49 SCARTH, Alan W. (Winnipeg, MB)
1947-48 MOIR, Arnold F. (Edmonton, AB)
NADEAU, Gilbert (Montréal, QC)
1946-47 SEDGEWICK JR., Robert M. (Toronto, ON)




Application Form (.pdf)


Deadline for Applications:

November 15, 2015


Marie-Josée Lapointe
Senior Director of Communications & Marketing

The Canadian Bar Association


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