CBA Futures

The CBA Futures Committee was formed to examine the challenges facing lawyers and the legal profession, and to make recommendations about the kind of organization the CBA should be in 2015 and what it would need to offer lawyers and the legal profession in order to be relevant and vibrant.

Crystal Clear: Strategic Directions for the CBA
Report of the CBA Futures Committee

August 2006

Strategic Directions for the CBA, the CBA Futures Committee’s follow-up toNew Perspectives for the CBA, is the result of three years of research, discussions and dialogue that challenged members to get involved and offer insights on what lies ahead for the legal profession and the Association.

Based on these findings, the Report offers recommendations on the direction the CBA should take so that in 2015 it will be even more dynamic, relevant, and effective than it is today.

Crystal Clear: New Perspectives for the CBA

August 2005